Fostering Creativity

Fostering Creativity is a free Therapeutic Arts Program designed to encourage socio-emotional growth and resolve trauma in children ages 5-21, affected by foster care. The program aims to provide them with tools to positively process experienced abuse and neglect, increase self esteem and stability in foster/adoptive home placements, and improve academic performance.

The program offers a variety of 6-12 week therapeutic art classes in the areas of:  painting, music production and recording, expressive writing, dance, theater, and various visual art classes.  Each two-hour class is facilitated by an experienced and skilled, local artist and/or art therapist. The program as a whole is overseen by a Master’s level art therapist, who also provides individual art therapy sessions as needed. Fostering Creativity has been evaluated by a MSW, PhD since its inception in 2014.

Throughout the year, youth participants develop and strengthen skills in a variety of artistic mediums and learn ways in which art can be used as a tool to deepen self-awareness, increase self-esteem, improve academic performance, and encourage stability in foster/adoptive placement. 

This program is made possible by the Ruth Mott Foundation, The Hagerman Foundation, The Flynn Foundation, The Bernard J and Camille Cebelak Foundation, the Ticket to Dream Foundation, and many other donors and friends of the arts.

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