Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent


Ennis Center needs foster parents to give children a safe place to stay while their birth parents work on the issues that brought their children into care. A shortage of foster parents has made helping these children and families harder. We have to turn away children who need a safe place to stay because we don't have enough foster homes.

In some instances, children in foster care are unable to return to their birth family and are in need of a permanent adoptive home. Adoptive families are needed for children of all ages with an immediate need for families willing to adopt siblings, teenagers, and/or children who have special emotional, mental, educational or medical needs.Ennis Center only provides adoption services for children in the foster care system.

Foster and adoptive parents are expected to provide a stable, safe and caring environment while efforts are being made to reunite the child with the biological family. By being a foster or adoptive parent, you can be a positive force in the life of a child who desperately needs your help. Foster and adoptive parents receive training, ongoing support and financial assistance to help them be effective. Foster parents also have access to day care reimbursement, medical coverage for their foster children, mental health services if necessary, and extra help if your foster child has extensive medical needs. Post-adoption services are available, too. For answers to more frequently asked questions, please click here.

If you'd like to contact someone at Ennis Center about fostering or adopting, or if you have questions, click here or use the contact box on the side of this page.
You can also call the office nearest you. Click here for location info.

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